We spent three days at school to work on our project. On Monday, we started the day by listening to their high school presentation as well as their school program being different from ours. Then we played a Kahoot prepared by the Italians about our knowledge of Italy (Kahoot is an application that allows you to answer questions online).  


After, we went to eat at an Italian restaurant near the high school. During the afternoon we were able to finish our storyboard.

Wednesday: in the morning the Italians showed us how their classes were held; a group was interviewed by a journalist from the Italian high school.

After we went to meet the Mayor of the city of Casalpusaerlengo, and visited the library and a defense tower of the old empire of Casalpusterlengo. In the afternoon we continued filming for the videos.

Friday: In the morning we finished all the videos and their editing. In the afternoon there was a treasure hunt whose reward was a huge Easter chocolate egg. Then the teachers assessed the best video and the winners also received the same rewards as for the hunt.